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Member Concierge Program

Where Staff Specialize, We Have Resources

​Practice Groups are composed of AHLA members who share a similar work setting or interest in a specific area of health law and who wish to increase their knowledge of specific health law issues, grow professionally, gain valuable leadership experience, and network with other health law professionals from across the country. Benefits of enrollment include:

  • Exclusive access to the Topical Libraries - each one of your team will get to enroll in at least one Practice Group (total number depends on membership level), where they can access the most relevant and recent AHLA publications and resources related to that particular area of health law.
  • Free registration to Educational Calls - members of your team can take advantage of regular calls on health law topics pertinent to their area of expertise, and they can help drive the direction of the Practice Group durin the "business meeting" portion of the call.
  • Priceless networking opportunities - being a part of a larger network of health law professionals in a specific area of health law, will help your team member's professional development growth and allow them to network across the nation with those working on similar projects.

Below is a listing of AHLA's current Practice Groups:

Practice Groups

Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals

The Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Practice Group helps you monitor new developments in the laws, rules, regulations, and enforcement actions relevant to academic medical center and teaching hospital settings.


The Antitrust Practice Group helps you understand public and private enforcement activity and competition policy affecting all sectors of the health care industry, including health care providers, health insurers, and medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Practice Group is committed to advancing the understanding of laws impacting behavioral health, including the delivery of and reimbursement for such services. A complex framework of federal and state laws provides unique challenges to health care providers and payers of behavioral health services. The Practice Group monitors and evaluates these laws and developments through publications and educational programming so that AHLA members are better equipped to advise their clients and organizations.

Business Law and Governance

The Business Law and Governance Practice Group helps you monitor the financial, regulatory, and operational issues faced by for-profit and nonprofit entities in the health care industry.

Fraud and Abuse

The Fraud and Abuse Practice Group helps you stay informed about fraud and abuse compliance issues and developments in enforcement activity.

Health Care Liability and Litigation

The Health Care Liability and Litigation Practice Group addresses issues that encompass all areas of potential liability that affect health care providers, suppliers, and manufacturers, and keeps its membership current on developments in the litigation and trial of health care disputes involving hospitals, payers, integrated delivery systems, and individual physicians, as well as manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Health Information and Technology

The Health Information and Technology Practice Group helps you master the legal, technological, and operational issues that you need to know to meet your clients' needs.

Hospitals and Health Systems

The Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group addresses the legal, financial, and operational issues raised by health care business strategies and transactions from the perspective of hospitals and health systems.

In-House Counsel

The In-House Counsel Practice Group keeps you informed on the day-to-day, practical legal issues arising from the interpretation and application of laws and regulations to the operations of health care providers, payers, regulators, manufacturers, and suppliers. We also provide resources and connections into unique issues faced by in-house counsel relative to legal department operations and the business of providing effective and meaningful in-house legal representation.

Labor and Employment

The Labor and Employment Practice Group monitors industry concerns as they relate to employers in the health care and life science industries, including all health care providers, facilities, payers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Practice Group keeps you informed on food and drug law regulations and addresses issues related to third-party payment and reimbursement, products liability, clinical trials, and research.

Medical Staff, Credentialing, and Peer Review

The Medical Staff, Credentialing, and Peer Review Practice Group provides a forum for those who represent and advise the individual health care professional, the collective medical or professional staff, and/or the health care entity with issues regarding the organization and operations of medical and professional staffs in health care entities and organizations.

Payers, Plans, and Managed Care

The Payers, Plans, and Managed Care Practice Group keeps you up to date on all legal issues concerning health plans, insurers, third-party administrators, pharmacy benefit managers, and other hybrid organizations.

Physician Organizations

The Physician Organizations Practice Group addresses issues encountered in physician-hospital joint ventures and contractual arrangements, credentialing practices, physician group practice structures, compensation methodologies, and the professional liability insurance crisis.

Post-Acute and Long Term Services

The Post-Acute and Long Term Services Practice Group keeps you informed on the most up to date and relevant case law, legislative initiatives, and important trends across the entire spectrum of long term care services.

Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment

The Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group keeps you informed on the most up to date and relevant issues related to reimbursement and coverage, including Medicare and other government payer laws, regulations, and instructions, as well as issues related to health care organizational accreditation such as the Joint Commission and other accrediting entity standards.

Tax and Finance

The Tax and Finance Practice Group helps you master the legal, financial, tax, and operational issues that you need to know to meet your clients' needs.