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Reproductive Health Law Hub

Welcome to the Reproductive Health Law Hub: AHLA’s main resource for all news related to reproductive health. Health law professionals are facing evolving legal issues as they advise their clients on this important topic. The Reproductive Health Law Hub provides updates on reproductive health news from the following AHLA curated resources: articles, podcasts, webinars, journal articles, book publications, and more.

Check out this week’s reproductive health resources below:

Upcoming AHLA Webinar

After Dobbs: Delivery of OB-GYN Care to Women in Abortion-Restricted States (September 1, 2022) - Recording Coming Soon
This webinar will give an overview of issues that have surfaced since the Dobbs v. Jackson decision related to the delivery of health care to women who are pregnant. These issues include women who are miscarrying/likely to miscarry; non-elective medical procedures that may result in an abortion (septic abortions); treating of medical conditions that are not pregnancy that may impact the viability of the pregnancy, such as cancer; the risks of advising/collaborating on health care that is not legally accessible within the state, but that may be delivered in another state; disciplinary issues for medical practitioners/pharmacists licensed in both abortion restricted and abortion safe states; and delivery of contraceptive care including IUDs/Plan B.

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