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Program Faculty Toolkit
Preparing for an AHLA presentation takes time and effort. To support you through this process, we have outlined the resources below. We hope you find them helpful as you prepare to present at an upcoming AHLA event.

In-Person Education Faculty Toolkit

AHLA values the commitment of its volunteer faculty and is very thankful for all those who participate in the planning of sessions and the delivery of presentations at our in-person programs. One element of the Association’s mission is to produce the highest quality non-partisan educational programs.  In order to do so, faculty shall have both in-depth and broad knowledge of the subject they are presenting, going beyond their personal experience, or the experience of their organization or firm. It is also valuable to incorporate a global perspective whenever possible on the topic of discussion. This Toolkit provides examples for participants, which illustrate various points of view and methods for delivering a quality presentation. 

Faculty Expectations

AHLA program attendees invest a considerable amount of time and money to attend our programs. In order to best serve our attendees’ educational needs, AHLA’s volunteers and staff work hard to ensure each and every session at the program realizes its full potential. See our list of expectations.

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Faculty Standards, Policies, and Guidelines

These standards and guidelines are intended to provide guidance to faculty of in-person programs.

Planning Your Session

You have been chosen to speak and now it’s time to start planning your session – on your own, with a co-speaker, or on a panel. Here are some helpful tips on coordinating with your co-presenters, developing bullet points, and getting the word out about your presentation.

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Planning Your Materials

AHLA strives to maintain readership and membership across the widest possible range of viewpoints involved in health law. The materials turned in by our faculty are what distinguish our programs from those of our competitors. We've put together some examples of high-quality program materials, tips on how to put together a great PowerPoint Presentation, and other additional information you'll need to know.

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Presentation Delivery

The best presentations are often those that take time to engage the audience directly. For those presenting for the first time and our long-time presenters, here are some tips for delivering an effective presentation.

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AHLA staff will contact each faculty member once they have been confirmed by a member of the planning committee. Specific logistical information will be sent at that time. Here are some important logistical items to keep in mind.

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