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Women's Forum


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

11:00 am-12:15 pm EDT | General Session

1. Spectacular Failures. Great Successes. The Power of Grit, Resilience, and a Growth Mindset
Asha Scielzo
Montrece Ransom

  • Key takeaways from Grit by Angela Duckworth, Mindset by Carol Dweck, and similar resources
  • What resilience really means, and the importance of belonging, self-management, and self-care
  • Tips and strategies for developing resilience and a growth mindset
12:30-1:30 pm EDT

2. Building a Quality Life: Strategies Through All Life Stages​
K. Lynn Gallagher
Lori Mihalich-Levin

  • Anchor your decision-making with your values
  • Apply principles and strategies to help you through the messiness of life transitions
  • Articulate what a "quality life" means specifically to you, and how that definition may change at various life stages

3. The Value of Engagement
Susan Stayn
Alé Dalton
Kathryn Taylor

  • Diverse approaches to build your network aligned to your personal style and skills and how you like to meet and engage with colleagues
  • It is important to recognize that networking does not always have to look like attending happy hours or learning to golf. Using social media and other online communities to build your network and brand can be just as invaluable and, in some ways, more effective than what we have traditionally defined as networking
  • A primer on how to engage with social media and online communities to grow your network and further your professional skill
  • How to develop your practice and skills through opportunities in bar organizations and the community, and why and how to get involved in speaking, writing, and moderating opportunities with professional associations
1:45-2:45 pm EDT

4. This, Too, Shall Pass (and Other Things Your Mother Taught You): How Women Leaders Navigate Tough Times, Tough Problems, and Tough Conversations at Home and in the Workplace
Andrea Ferrari
Clevonne Jacobs

We will host a panel discussion of the different ways in which women in leadership roles tackle tough problems. The discussion will be framed in the context of words of wisdom passed from mothers and mentors, with exploration of how those words of wisdom provide a framework for answering the most simple to the most complex professional questions and dilemmas a leader may encounter, including:

  • Dealing with difficult partners and clients
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Managing and influencing people
  • Negotiating compensation

5. Effective Verbal Communication in Person and Virtually
Lisa Gora
Kim H. Looney

  • The Who, What, When, Where and How of Your Presentation
  • How to Control Nervousness
  • Connecting with the audience in order to create immediate rapport
  • Differences in Communication Styles Between Men and Women
  • Identify and eliminate words, gestures and speech patterns that create distractions
  • What Type of Presentation and Visual Aids are You Going to Use?
  • Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations
3:00-4:00 pm EDT

6. Building an Authentic Personal Brand
Angela Humphreys
Kimberly Pace

  • Develop your authentic, personal brand strategy to build a strong book of business, gain credibility, accelerate your career, and/or leave a legacy
  • Apply advanced emotional intelligence to foster trust with clients, articulate goals clearly, and adapt communication styles for desired results
  • Explore women in leadership research to understand hurdles for women, including promotions, wages, and job satisfaction
  • Discover 7 areas that can sabotage your career
  • Hear real-world applications through transformational, personal stories

7. Walking the Walk – Creating, Implementing, and Adapting DE&I Programs in the Corporate and Law Firm Setting​
Lisl Dunlop
Lauren Fenton-Valdivia
Bethany Forss

Despite achieving an all time- record of women running businesses on the Fortune 500 in 2021, there is much work to be done in achieving parity in the corporate and law firm setting. This panel will discuss creating, implementing, and adapting DE&I programs in the corporate and law firm setting, specifically:

  • Creating a DE&I Program, including through drafting a strategic plan
  • Implementing a DE&I Program, including converting the action items in the Strategic Plan into action, ensuring retention and development/promotions through inclusion, sponsorship and mentorship
  • Adapting a DE&I Program, including defining a successful DE&I Program and the timeframe for determining “success”
  • Challenges to DE&I programs in a remote/hybrid working environment
4:00-5:00 pm EDT
Networking Reception​