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The global pandemic has not only served as a reminder of the importance of our collective health but that staying ahead of trends in the health care and health law industries is paramount. AHLA is at the forefront of providing education, tools, and resources that enable you to engage with peers, learn from industry experts, and be involved in the dialogue about the evolving health care industry.

We Help Health Risk Management Professionals Stay Ahead of the Trends

You're proactive about current technologies and procedures in risk prevention, and mitigation is not easy with all that you have to manage. AHLA is committed to breaking it down and providing you best-in-class solutions. 

Health Law Disruption: 2030 and Beyond

AHLA created a 2030 Task Force to research anticipated changes in the health care and health law industries over the next ten years. The white paper identifies and discusses in-depth, three health care industry trends and two health law industry trends.

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Beyond Quality and Safety

From AHLA’s Enterprise Risk Management Task Force, this briefing discusses how patient safety organizations impact business and financial outcomes. PSO data analysis from a large pool of providers allows organizations to be proactive.

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Five Common Valuation Errors

From AHLA’s Enterprise Risk Management Task Force, this bulletin outlines five common valuation errors and how they happen. Many of these issues are avoidable through systematic communications systems.

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Health Care Risk Mitigation

COVID-19 has and will continue to disrupt and affect almost every aspect of life, and with it, an onslaught of health litigation is almost certain. Learn about how providers can minimize their potential exposure.

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Benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

From our Health Law Connections magazine in December 2019, this article by Martin Arvin from Cynergistek presents the benefits of enterprise risk management for a health care organization’s view of privacy and security risks.

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COVID-19: Provider Relief Funds

From AHLA’s Enterprise Risk Management Task Force, this briefing discusses how to maintain compliance with Provider Relief Funds that have strings attached as false or inaccurate attestations can give rise to enforcement action and liability under the False Claims Act.

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