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Dispute Resolution Review Board Appointment Process

Dispute Resolution Service Review Board (DRSRB) leaders rule on petitions to remove an arbitrator who is allegedly unfit to serve because of a conflict of interest, a mental or physical impairment, or conduct that calls his or her fairness or impartiality into question. AHLA’s President Elect appoints Chairs and Members (at large) of the DRSRB for the next leadership year.  

Anyone who wants to be considered for appointment must apply by completing and submitting an application. The President Elect, in consultation with the President Elect-Designate, the Chief Executive Officer, staff liaisons and current leaders (as necessary) will review applications with the President Elect making the final decision on all appointments. 

Potential leaders are asked to review, understand, and meet the expectations, qualifications needed, and potential issues preventing appointment before completing their application as outlined below. 

Expectations of an AHLA Leader 

  • Be an active AHLA member while serving as an AHLA Leader. 
  • An ability and willingness to serve one three-year term. 
  • Commit to attending and being fully prepared for meetings of your leadership group, and to be an active and inquisitive participant on any subgroups/work groups and related projects as assigned. 
  • Act with due care for AHLA, and perform leadership responsibilities loyally, in good faith, and in a manner reasonably believed to be in the best interest of AHLA.  
  • Support AHLA’s effort to expand the volunteer and leadership pipeline by engaging members in content development and networking. 
  • Actively work to advance and promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility within AHLA through participation in unconscious bias training provided by AHLA, using inclusive language, and abiding by the Conflict of Interest Policy and Non-Harassment Policy requirements.  
  • Attend and actively participate in AHLA leadership orientation and training sessions specific to your group and role as a non-Board leader. 
  • Support AHLA’s mission on an annual basis with a combination of volunteer time and a monetary donation that is meaningful to the leader, as a recognition of commitment to AHLA.  
  • Support AHLA’s educational activities by promoting them to your professional network, and through your own participation and consumption.  


  • Appointees must be a Member of AHLA while serving as leader 
  • Significant experience in the arbitration, litigation, or mediation of health law disputes. 

Issues Preventing Selection 

  • Works in the same firm or organization as an existing member of the same leadership group. 
  • Does not meet qualifications. 
  • Did not complete demographic profile (profile responses include “prefer not to answer” -- selecting this option does not constitute failure to complete the profile). 
  • Current service at the highest levels of leadership in a competing organization that would prevent the applicant from fulfilling their responsibilities to AHLA with recurrent conflicts of interest.