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Celebrating Achievements, Commitment and Service
Celebrating Achievements, Commitment and Service

Awards and Recognition

AHLA celebrates individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements, commitment to the mission and values of the Association, and service to the health law community. AHLA’s Awards Program promotes inclusion by seeking member input and engagement through nomination of colleagues and service on judging panels. 

The Association continues to follow best practices and take tangible action to advance inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility by being open and transparent about eligibility criteria, mitigating bias by bringing discipline and consistency to the evaluation and selection process; and by recognizing the many contributions of its volunteers and leaders.

If you are interested in proposing an award, please access our Form for Proposing New Awards. Questions? Please contact [email protected]


David J. Greenburg Founders Award

The Association’s highest and most prestigious award presented by the President to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership and sustained loyalty and service to AHLA throughout their career.

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Fellows Program

The Fellows Program was established in 2004.  Being named an AHLA Fellow is an honorary designation and is given in recognition of members' sustained commitment and service to the health law profession generally and to AHLA specifically.

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IDEA Champion Award

IDEA Champion Award

Honors and recognizes an individual who has demonstrated leadership in and commitment to advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) in AHLA and the health law community.

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Patricia T. Meador Leadership Award

This Award is presented annually to a member-volunteer who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment and dedication to fraud and compliance educational efforts and mentoring.

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Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award


Recognizes an outstanding adjunct faculty member for their contribution to health law and/or health policy education.  

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Student Writing Award

Student Writing

This Award recognizes a student for their exceptionally well written paper that discusses a timely and relevant health law and/or health policy and/or health compliance issue.

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The Michael F. Anthony Health Law Scholarship

Scholarships provide student recipients with registration and a stipend to offset or defray the cost of attending AHLA’s Fundamentals of Health Law Program. 

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Recognizing and Celebrating the Health Law Community


Donor Honor Roll

Recognizes individuals and companies for their generous support of the Association's educational mission over the years.

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Member Recognition

AHLA honors and celebrates exemplary volunteers and leaders who offer wisdom and direction to the health law community.

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Presidential Citations

Awarded by the AHLA President to recognize individual(s) who have demonstrated leadership, mentorship, and other contributions that facilitated the Association’s success during the President’s term. 

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Top Honors

Recognizes those companies, law firms, and organizations who encourage and sustain their employees’ affiliation with AHLA

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