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A History of Excellence

AHLA has been supporting the health law community for more than fifty years. The organization began for the same reasons that it still flourishes today: it is a collegial and inclusive community of health law professionals and leaders who wanted to communicate about their craft and support one another in becoming effective counsel for their clients and organizations.

Throughout 2017, the organization celebrated its 50th Anniversary, highlighting key moments in our history of excellence. Thanks to AHLA Fellows, who had a desire to find a way to capture the memories of those from our past, AHLA undertook several projects and produced a number of resources:

AHLA ’s fifty years of leading health law to excellence could not have been accomplished without the efforts of numerous and dedicated volunteers. Special thanks to Fellows Joel Hamme and Robert Leibenluft.

We Need Your Help

With your donation, we can ensure the health law talent pipeline remains full, increase our professional development offering, and expand our diversity and inclusion efforts within the profession.