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AHLA Announces Special Issue of the Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law–“Emerging Issues in Health Equity in the United States: Legal, Legislative, and Policy Perspectives”

  • April, 25, 2022

In May 2022, the American Health Law Association’s Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law will publish a Special Issue on the Emerging Issues in Health Equity in the United States: Legal, Legislative, and Policy Perspectives. It will seek to advance public discourse on these issues for the benefit of AHLA members, the academic community, and decision makers in both the legislative and executive branches of government.

Consistent with the AHLA’s role as a health care thought leader, the articles in the Special Issue address topics that reflect diversity of thought and perspective. They provide in-depth and balanced treatment of issues related to the overarching theme of health equity, such as the disparate adverse impact of health policy or research on communities of color; the history and reasons why the U.S. health care system has reached the current state of affairs of health inequity; social and environmental justice issues and their impact on delivery of health care; and potential legal liability regarding the response to COVID-19 pandemic. The articles also offer workable, effective strategies for meaningful, positive changes in our health care system during a time of widespread disruption propelled by racial, social, political, environmental, and economic turmoil and inequity exacerbated by a global pandemic.

“AHLA’s Board of Directors has stated that we will work toward effectuating lasting change around racial injustice,” comments David S. Cade, Chief Executive Officer of AHLA. “One way we can do this is by shining a light on health care disparities, which will be a focus for AHLA in 2021 and beyond. Our community is well positioned to provide analysis of this very important topic and we are grateful to the authors who have contributed to this Special Issue, members of the Advisory Group for their vision and guidance, and co-editors Harvey M. Tettlebaum and Almeta E. Cooper for overseeing the development of this important issue for AHLA’s Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law."

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