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AHLA Announces New Arbitration Rule: Independent Valuations and Appraisals

  • November, 01, 2021

AHLA announces a new arbitration rule to promote settlement or enhance the quality of the award by obtaining an independent assessment from a recognized expert.  This rule is tailor-made for situations in which the fair market value or commercially reasonable value of a health care asset is central to the parties’ dispute.  Fees for the valuation or appraisal will be paid from party deposits in the same manner as arbitrators are compensated. 

“AHLA’s core strength is neutrals with unparalleled knowledge of health law and the application of general laws to the health care industry,” comments Geoff Drucker, Senior Director of the Dispute Resolution Service.  “Incorporating experts in health care valuation, where appropriate, takes us a step further in providing the health care industry with the highest quality decisions.” 

AHLA’s new “Rules of Procedure for Commercial Arbitration” take effect on November 1, 2021. To learn more about AHLA’s new arbitration rule, national roster of arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers or to learn about serving as a neutral, visit AHLA’s Dispute Resolution Service site