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Fast. Fair. Final.

In 1992, AHLA developed the first national roster of arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers with health law expertise. It remains the only national service dedicated exclusively to resolving disputes in the health care industry.

Our Dispute Resolution Services

Arbitration Services

Rely on arbitrators with the expertise you need, and rules that ensure claims are resolved quickly, inexpensively, and fairly.  Use AHLA's standard arbitration clause or tailor an agreement to your client’s needs with the AHLA Guide to Drafting Arbitration Clauses. 

Learn more about AHLA's Arbitration Services.

Mediation Services

Consider mediating early, even before a legal claim has been filed. In mediation, a skilled neutral helps parties negotiate an agreement. The costs, time, and friction associated with the process are far less than litigation or arbitration. Plus, it produces better results because the parties retain control over the outcome.

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Peer Review Services

AHLA maintains a national roster of experienced hearing officers. To ensure the highest level of integrity, they are required to adhere to The Code of Ethics for Hearing Officers in Peer Review Hearings.

Learn more about AHLA's Peer Review Services.

Become a Neutral

AHLA arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers combine health law and health care expertise with the skills and experience needed to resolve even the toughest cases fairly, quickly, and inexpensively.  You can apply to be an arbitrator, a mediator, a hearing officer, or all three.

Learn more about Becoming a Neutral.

New Multi-Strike Ranking Options Announced

AHLA’s Dispute Resolution Service Council unanimously approved a rule change that offers parties who are selecting an arbitrator or panel new options, including up to 15 candidates (the cap used to be 10) and more strikes (up to 5 rather than just 1) . These options are particularly well suited for health care companies facing potentially high stakes claims who want the greater sense of control that comes with having multiple strikes.