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Awards and Recognition

The Michael F. Anthony Health Law Scholarship

The Michael F. Anthony Health Law Scholarship honors the enduring contributions of Michael F. Anthony to health law. Envisioned to bolster opportunities for students at accredited US law schools, the fund strives to facilitate their immersion into health law through resources provided and championed by AHLA. This scholarship encapsulates a shared vision of enriching health law education and upholds Mike's unwavering commitment to advancing both knowledge and passion in the realm of health law.

The Scholarship Fund aims to enhance opportunities for students enrolled in accredited US law school programs (JD – 2L or 3L, LLM, MLS), facilitating their pursuit of health law education using resources provided and supported by AHLA.

The Scholarship: 

Awards will support student education by providing student recipients with registration and a stipend to offset or defray the cost of attending AHLA’s Fundamentals of Health Law Program, including travel and/or lodging, and for other purposes consistent with the purpose of the Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:  

The applicant:

  • is enrolled in an accredited US law school.
  • has demonstrated a financial necessity for a scholarship.
  • has a strong interest in health law as demonstrated in their activities.
  • has demonstrated academic merit or indicated academic standing.
  • is an AHLA student member subscriber.

Application Process:  

Applications accepted through August 30th. Self-nominations along with a personal statement and letter of support from an advisor or professor will be accepted. Applications will be reviewed shortly after the close of the application period and scholarship recipients will be named and notified starting at the end of September.

Nomination Process:  

Students must apply by August 30th to be considered for this valuable opportunity. Don't miss out on the chance to support a promising future in health law.

Encourage students to apply now using the link below, by personalizing and sending to the email address of the individuals you are nominating.

Judging Panel:  

A Judging Panel composed of at least three (3) and not more than seven (7) members will be selected. The Panel will review, score, and recommend scholarship recipients to the Awards Advisory Group. AHLA Fellows are especially encouraged to apply.

About Michael F. Anthony:

Michael "Mike" Anthony was a distinguished figure in health law and a pivotal force within the American Health Law Association (AHLA). Since joining AHLA in 1979, Mike's journey saw him rise to serve on its Board of Directors, later becoming President in 1999-2000. His leadership extended from moderating the first Masters Program to receiving the esteemed David J. Greenburg Founders Award in 2006. Renowned as a mentor and friend, Mike's calm demeanor, insightful leadership, and significant impact on his peers and young professionals have cemented his enduring legacy within AHLA and the wider health law community. His contributions will continue to inspire and guide future generations, as his memory shines as a symbol of excellence, mentorship, and heartfelt kindness.

Health Law Scholarships

Foster the development of skilled health law professionals, enabling students to access essential education and resources for their future roles in shaping health law practices and policies.