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In-Person Program Speaking Opportunities

Submit a Proposal 

Throughout the year, we will open up our Call for Speakers for all of our in-person programs. AHLA posts a Call for Speakers for each program. The due date for proposals is based on when the program will be held and is generally 6-9 months prior to the program. We are currently accepting proposals for following programs:

Open Calls


Coming Soon

Tax Issues for Health Care Organizations
October 23-24, 2023
Washington, DC
Proposals Due: April 21, 2023


Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Institute
February 5-7, 2024
New Orleans, LA
Proposals Due: August 2023

Fundamentals of Health Law
November 5-7, 2023
Chicago, IL
Proposals Due: April 21, 2023


Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute
February 5-7, 2024
​New Orleans, LA
Proposals Due: August 2023



Long Term and Post-Acute Care Law and Compliance
TBD 2024
Proposals Due: August 2023






The Selection Process

  • Most sessions submitted hit the “intermediate” level of audience knowledge, but we accept topics that hit all levels, basic (primer), intermediate, and advanced or masters level topic.
  • Each of our in-person programs has a Board appointed planning committee. The individuals on the planning committee are highly qualified experts in the area of focus for the program. 
  • AHLA posts a Call for Speakers for each program. The due date for proposals is based on when the program will be held and is generally 6-9 months prior to the program. (Example: A program held in the fall will have a due date of early spring that same year)
  • The planning for each program begins approximately 4-6 weeks following the due date of the proposals. AHLA staff enters and compiles the proposals for the planning committee during this time. It is important to submit a proposal prior to the due date to ensure your proposal is included in the materials that the planning committee reviews. 
  • AHLA’s in-person programs are the hallmark of the Association. The planning committees strive to plan high quality, practical programs that will meet the educational needs of our members. Depending on the number of proposals we receive, the topic and faculty selection process can take up to 3-4 months. Faculty who are selected will be contacted by a member of the planning committee. Those who are not selected will hear from AHLA when the program is finalized. This could be up to 4 months from the proposal due date. Your patience during the planning process is very much appreciated.

Selected Speakers

If selected as a speaker, the information you provide will be used in the program brochure. Please be sure the spelling is correct and all relevant titles, information about degrees, and credentials are included. Preparing for a session presentation takes time and effort. To support our presenters through this process, we provide some helpful resources and guidance in our In-Person Education Faculty Toolkit

All individuals chosen to speak will receive a complimentary registration to the program. Additionally, speakers traveling from out of town will be reimbursed for the following:

  • Incidentals (the allowance is based on the length of the program)
  • Hotel and travel for those who are in-house counsel, compliance officers, academicians, or government representatives. We do not cover hotel and travel for those in private practice or consulting firms. The number of hotel nights covered depends on the length of program.

For questions, please contact Laurie Garvey. To ensure your proposal is submitted properly, please follow the instructions above.

IDEA Statement of Commitment

AHLA values and seeks to advance and promote Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible participation within the Association. We are committed to having volunteers represent a broad cross-section of gender, race, ethnicity, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, and disability.

Interested in Speaking at an In-Person Event?

Look for Due Dates for Call for Speakers to be posted each year:

March - Fraud and Compliance Forum

April - Tax Issues for Health Care Organizations and Fundamentals of Health Law

August - Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Institute, Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute, Long Term and Post-Acute Care Law and Compliance, and Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues

October - Health Care Transactions and Health Plan Law and Compliance Institute

November - In-House Counsel Program and Annual Meeting

Continuing Education

As the premier provider of continuing education for the health law profession, AHLA is uniquely positioned to provide you with the CLE, CPE, and CCB credits you need through our events, training, and educational offering.

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AHLA's Code of Conduct

AHLA wants to ensure each engagement you have with AHLA offers an inclusive, respectful, and dignified educational experience. With each registration, you are reconfirming your commitment to creating an educational experience free from distraction, allowing AHLA to educate and connect the health law community.   

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