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Health Law Week
June 6-10, 2022

The Building Blocks of the Health Law Community

The health care industry has been pushed to innovate and evolve at exceptional rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, our country has witnessed extraordinary advancements made by health care companies, unprecedented legislation enacted by every level of government, and heroic feats made daily by our health care providers.

And through it all, the health law profession has been providing analysis, assessing risk, ensuring compliance, and making recommendations to their organizations and clients, ultimately building to better health outcomes for all Americans. Every industry of the health care sector has been pushed beyond their limits, striving towards a healthier nation. Health law professionals have risen to the occasion by innovating and evolving just as quickly as the organizations they serve.  

We invite all health lawyers, health risk managers, compliance officers, health information professionals, economists, paralegals, students of health law, and anyone else who touches health law to participate, engage, and lift up the health law profession.

Monday, June 6th

Building an IDEAL Community

Our community is diverse, but are all opportunities inclusive, equitable, and accessible to everyone? Any adversity that one suffers, impacts the entire community. We have an obligation to learn from and listen to each other, and act together to strengthen Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Law (IDEAL). 

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Tuesday, June 7th

Building a Better Work/Life Balance 

From the pandemic to distressing events of racial injustice, and all the “new normal” transitions we have undertaken, taking care of yourself and finding balance between work and life is essential to strengthening the community as whole. Join us for practice techniques and gain additional tools for your mental health.

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Wednesday, June 8th

Building Up the Next Generation

The next generation is ready to pick up the torch and move health law to excellence. And by connecting these future and diverse leaders with the defining generation that built our community from the ground up, the future of health will be bright and impactful.  

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Thursday, June 9th

Building Bonds through Practice Groups

The landscape continues to shift around delivery of care, and with the spotlight the pandemic has shown on health care disparities, many underlying challenges are now front and center. Our Practice Groups are here to help you navigate this complex environment.

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Friday, June 10th

Building Blocks of AHLA Membership

Innovation and progress do not happen without a trusted educational partner. And as we step up to meet the challenges of today, your AHLA membership helps prepare you for the challenges our community will face just off in the distance. 

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Health Law Week Receptions

Building Connections with Your Peers

AHLA will be hosting in-person receptions in the following cities: Chicago, Nashville, and Washington, DC. We invite the full health law community to join us after each day's sessions to network, connect, engage, and build new connections.  

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Celebrate Health Law Week

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