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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Your Influence in Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility at AHLA

Your support is instrumental in AHLA's commitment to diversity and inclusion. With your donations, we:

  1. Empower Diversity in Leadership: Enhance training for AHLA leaders, staff, and members to reflect the diverse communities we serve, ensuring a variety of perspectives are represented at every level. 
  2. Combat Unconscious Bias: Provide vital training to embed inclusivity in AHLA's core, influencing our recruitment process and empowering leaders to recognize and address biases effectively. 
  3. Facilitate Broader Access: Extend program fee discounts, making AHLA programming accessible to individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate. This inclusivity enriches our community with a wide array of perspectives. 
  4. Educate on Key Societal Issues: Offer programs that address health care disparities, raising awareness and fostering understanding of critical societal issues affecting diverse populations.
  5. Mentor Future Leaders: Foster the growth of potential leaders from diverse backgrounds, providing mentorship and support to help them succeed and bring new insights to the health law field. 

Your contribution plays a critical role in creating an inclusive future of health law. Join us in this mission. 

Make a Difference Today: Donate to AHLA's Diversity and Inclusion Fund Now!