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Make an Impact
Make an Impact

Invest in the Future of Health Law

Since 1968, AHLA has provided support to the health law industry by equipping professionals with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to solve tomorrow's challenges.

Donations help us further build the industry and mold the next generation of leaders.

The Need

Student Fund - Talent Pipeline Support

Help build a robust talent pipeline of health law professionals. Your support fosters future leaders, speakers, and authors, ensuring that our community remains informed and continues to provide best-in-class service and advice to clients and organizations.

Diversity and Inclusion Fund

Provide resources and training to cultivate diverse membership at all levels of AHLA. Your support helps grow future leaders, enhances inclusivity, and ensures a wide range of perspectives within our association.

Future Leaders Fund - Innovative Professional Development

Help shape the future of health law leadership by supporting innovative professional development. Your contributions enable health law professionals to improve productivity, enhance business knowledge, and legal expertise, and strengthen their value to employers, peers, colleagues, and clients.

Health Law Scholarships

Foster the development of skilled health law professionals, enabling students to access essential education and resources for their future roles in shaping health law practices and policies. 

Areas of Greatest Need

Reinforce specific areas that support the most essential programs and initiatives undertaken by AHLA. Donations enable AHLA leaders to allocate resources where they are most urgently needed to achieve the greatest impact for the Association.