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Awards and Recognition

Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award Eligibility Requirements

The Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award recognizes an outstanding adjunct faculty member for their contribution to health law and/or health policy education. 

Award Nomination Criteria:  

  • Adjunct professors of JD, LLM, and health-related ML programs and/or adjunct professors teaching health law or health policy in health-related graduate programs are eligible.

  • The nominee’s development of a health law/health policy curricula expands students’ knowledge of the health care industry and health law/policy.  

  • The nominee has shown a significant commitment to student counseling, mentoring, and teaching. The length of time in which the nominee has been an adjunct professor is not a factor for consideration, as AHLA realizes that new and veteran adjuncts alike can be outstanding in their commitment to teaching students.  

Nomination Process:  

The adjunct professor will be nominated by students and/or faculty colleagues. Self-nominations will not be accepted. The student or faculty colleague who is submitting the nomination must provide a 500-1,000 word statement explaining why they are nominating the individual. Submission of the adjunct professor’s syllabus and/or curricula is encouraged. Past winners and current Board members are not eligible to receive the award.

    Nominations must be received by AHLA no later than August 16, 2024. 

Nomination Period: 

Nominations must be for the previous summer session and successive traditional academic year semesters or quarters that are typically completed in May/June. For example, nominations that will be evaluated in August 2024 will include nominations for the 2023 summer session, 2023 fall semester, and 2024 spring semester. If the school operates on a quarter basis, nominations will include the 2023 fall quarter, 2024 winter quarter, and 2024 spring quarter.

Judging Panel:  

A judging panel composed of three to seven members will be selected. AHLA Fellows are especially encouraged to apply. An individual appointed to serve on the judging panel is not eligible to be considered for the Award while they serve on the panel.