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Leadership Onboarding

AHLA's leadership is comprised of both appointed and elected positions across various councils, boards, and committees. To learn more about these roles, visit the General Role Definitions page or the FY25 Governance Chart.

Appointed Positions:

  • Councils
  • Journal Editorial Board
  • Practice Groups
  • Conference Planning Committees
  • Dispute Resolution Review Board

Elected Positions:

  • AHLA’s Board of Directors
  • Member-At-Large position to the Nominating Committee 

2024-2025 Orientation and Check-In Meetings

2023-2024 Orientation and Check-In Meetings

All Chairs

Chair Check-In Meetings (PG, ECPC, WLC)

Vice Chair Check-In Meetings (PG, ECPC, WLC)

Content Development Resources

*Only current PG leaders have access.

Early Career Professionals Council and Women’s Leadership Council Resources