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Dispute Resolution Services


Rely on arbitrators with the expertise you need, and rules that ensure claims are resolved quickly, inexpensively, and fairly. Parties select arbitrators from candidate lists tailored to their needs. To maintain a fair and balanced roster, AHLA recruits neutrals with experience representing both payers and providers, employees and employers, and residents and facilities.

Our case management system allows us to charge significantly lower fees than our leading competitor.

Need help? Review our Instructions for Filing a ClaimFee Schedule, and Ethics Code

Current Rules of Procedure

Please Note:  Claims are resolved under the version of the rules in effect on the date they are filed. Previous versions of our rules of procedure are available for reference.

Value Judgements

Trying to resolve a dispute over fair market value or what is commercially reasonable? A new AHLA arbitration rule allows the parties to promote settlement or enhance the quality of the award by obtaining an independent assessment from a recognized expert.  

AHLA’s neutral roster offers unmatched expertise in both health law and health care valuation. 

Multi-Strike Ranking Options

  • 5 candidates: each party may strike up to one candidate 
  • 10 candidates: each party may strike up to two candidates
  • 12 candidates: each party may strike up to three candidates
  • 15 candidates: each party may strike up to five candidates

These options are particularly well suited for health care companies in high stakes disputes who want greater control over who will resolve the claim.

Employment Cases

Arbitration agreements that are a condition of employment receive greater judicial scrutiny than standard commercial clauses.  While our rules on employment cases are on par with the rules of the American Arbitration Association and JAMS (see a side-by-side comparison for easy reference), the Dispute Resolution Service outdistances all competitors in the depth of its expertise in health care employment.

Arbitration Clause

Place any disputes arising under your health care contract in the hands of trusted neutrals by including a standard AHLA arbitration clause:

Any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract or the subject matter thereof, or any breach of this contract, including any dispute regarding the scope of this clause, will be resolved through arbitration administered by the American Health Law Association Dispute Resolution Service and conducted pursuant to the AHLA Rules of Procedure for Arbitration. Judgment on the award may be entered and enforced in any court having jurisdiction.

 Customize your arbitration clause with AHLA’s clause generator.

File a Claim

AHLA administers arbitrations and mediations through a secure electronic Case Management System.

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Party representatives and their support staff receive instant notice of all new messages, documents, and financial transactions.

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Need Help?

If you’re having trouble navigating the case management system or have questions about our services, we have resources available to help:

If these resources do not answer your question, please contact us.  

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A Look at AHLA’s New Commercial Arbitration Rules

Effective September 1, 2023, AHLA’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) has developed newly revised commercial arbitration rules. The members of the DRS’ Rules Committee discuss how the DRS operates, why the committee decided to revise the rules, and the specific changes made to the rules.

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