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Mediation is a party-driven, mediator-assisted process for dispute resolution. The skilled neutrals on AHLA’s roster can help parties reach resolution through mediation, with far less cost, time, and friction than a typical litigation or arbitration. Plus, the parties retain control over the outcome. With mediation, the parties decide how and when to put disputes behind them. They can mediate early, even before a legal claim has been filed, or later during arbitration or litigation. Resolution of disputes through mediation means the parties can get back to the business of health care, and stop focusing their time, money, and personnel on protracted legal battles.  

When parties mediate voluntarily, settlement rates reach 80% or higher.[1]  Given this success rate it is easy to see why some courts will order mediation and not set a trial date until mediation is attempted.

Health Law Expertise

All mediators on our roster are experts in health law, life sciences, or the application of general laws (e.g., employment or tax) to these industries. They work with the parties throughout the entire mediation process, helping to facilitate resolution starting with the pre-mediation conference, during the day(s) of mediation, and through execution of the settlement agreement.

Search the AHLA Roster of Mediators by area of expertise and location for the mediator you need. 

Why Choose AHLA?

AHLA is the nation’s largest, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the health care field. AHLA has the tools and experience to effectively administer mediations, and a nationwide roster of experienced health law mediators.

Unlike with many other organizations, there is no charge to the mediation parties for AHLA’s administrative services. Parties pay the mediator’s fees and expenses (e.g., videoconferencing for remote or hybrid mediations and travel for in-person). That’s it.

Not Familiar with AHLA Mediation? 

Review our Agreement to MediateEthics Code, and Sample Mediation Clauses. View mediator profiles on the AHLA Roster of Mediators.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact us:

Geoff Drucker, Senior Director of Dispute Resolution Service

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Carine Brice, Manager of Dispute Resolution Service

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Robin Carter, Case Administrator

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[1] For example, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has a settlement rate of 80%. See A court connected mediation program achieved an overall settlement rate of 69%, and over 80% of cases settled if, prior to the session, the court had ruled on any pending motions. Wood, Can Judges Increase Mediation Settlement Rates? Of “Coase” They Can, 26 OHIO ST. J. ON DISP. RESOLUTION 683 (2011).




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