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Dispute Resolution Services


Consider mediating early, even before a legal claim has been filed.  In mediation, a skilled neutral helps parties negotiate an agreement.  The costs, time, and friction associated with the process are far less than what parties commonly experience in litigation or arbitration.  Plus, it produces better results because the parties retain control over the outcome. 

Search the AHLA Roster of Mediators by area of expertise and location for the health law mediator you need. This is a FREE service.

Not Familiar with Mediation? 

Review our Agreement to MediateEthics Code, and Sample Mediation Clauses.

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We offer an exclusive roster of mediators, publicly searchable by area of health law expertise and geography, and best of all, this is a FREE service.

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Provide AHLA with the information needed to set up a mediation.

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Participate in a Claim

Party representatives and their support staff receive instant notice of all new messages, documents, and financial transactions.

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If you’re having trouble navigating the case management system or have questions about our services, we have resources available to help:

If these resources do not answer your question, please contact us.  

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