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Dispute Resolution Services

Using the Case Management System

The system is available 24x7 to communicate with party representatives (and the neutral if one has been appointed), upload documents, or access information about a claim without assistance from staff.   


There are two ways to access a case site:

  • Click on the link at the bottom of a system-generated message such as a notice of appointment or an alert about a new document.  
  • Log into the Portal, click on My Cases, then click on the link to the case site you want to visit.  

Neutrals can also access their profile through the Portal.  


Send an email to all party representatives.  The system will send you a copy as well and retain the text for future reference.  


Find contact information for party representatives and other information submitted on the claim form.


Review filed documents or upload a new document.  Each time a document is filed, all party representatives receive an alert with the document name and a link back to the site where they can review and download it.  This is much more secure than sending attachments via email.  For document-intensive cases, staff can show you how to organize documents into categories and sub-categories.


Track deposits and invoices.  The spreadsheet is usually updated 24-48 hours after AHLA receives a new deposit or invoice.  


Schedule a conference call, a hearing, or a deadline for submitting documents.  Party representatives and the neutral will receive an email with the event information and at least one reminder prior to the event.    

File a Claim

AHLA administers arbitrations and mediations through a secure electronic Case Management System.

File a Claim

Participate in a Claim

Party representatives and their support staff receive instant notice of all new messages, documents, and financial transactions.

Participate in a Claim

Need Help?

If you’re having trouble navigating the case management system or have questions about our services, we have resources available to help:

If these resources do not answer your question, please contact us.  

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