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Health Law Week
June 21-27, 2021

Strength Through Adversity

The past year has been difficult. The nation is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, reckoning with centuries-old racial tension, and individuals are struggling with everything from maintaining their mental health to finding employment. And yet through it all, the health law profession has been providing analysis, assessing risk, ensuring compliance, and making recommendations to their organizations and clients, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for all. 

The profession has modeled how innovation and excellence can emerge through adversity. 

Join us for a week of increasing awareness of this integrated and integral profession within the health care industry, highlighting programs that create new opportunities for entry into the profession, showcasing organizations/firms dedicated to employing these professionals, and elevating this community’s contributions to the health care industry. 

Monday, June 21st

Leading with IDEAS: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Strategies

Our community is diverse, but are all opportunities inclusive, equitable, and accessible to everyone? Any adversity that one suffers, impacts the entire community. We have an obligation to learn from and listen to each other, and act together to strengthen our community.

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Tuesday, June 22nd

Strengthening Our Community by Taking Care of

From the pandemic to distressing events of racial injustice, and all the “new normal” transitions we have undertaken, taking care of yourself is essential to strengthening the community as whole. Join us for self-care activities and gain additional tools for your mental health.

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Wednesday, June 23rd

Preparing the Industry for Tomorrow

The landscape continues to shift around delivery of care, and with the spotlight the pandemic has shown on health care disparities, many underlying challenges are now front and center. Our Practice Groups are here to help you navigate this complex environment. 

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Thursday, June 24th

Connecting the Future of Health Law

The next generation is ready to pick up the torch and move health law to excellence. And by connecting these future and diverse leaders with the defining generation that built our community from the ground up, the future of health will be bright and impactful.  

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Friday, June 25th

Educating and Connecting the Health Law Community

Turn to AHLA for your educational needs and connections to a network of over 25,000 active and engaged health law professionals. Learn how to get involved with AHLA, preview new tools to help you connect virtually, and celebrate our highest honor, the David J. Greenburg Service Award. 

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Saturday & Sunday, June 26-27th

Community Connect 

Celebrate what you’ve learned this week, the connections you’ve made, and make plans to stay connected both virtually and in your local communities (when and where it’s safe). If you would like to schedule an event, use our host an event form and we'll include it on the schedule.

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Celebrate Health Law Week

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