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Dispute Resolution Services

Serving as a Mediator

  1. Requests and Appointments
  2. Preparing for Mediation
  3. Final Steps

Requests and Appointments 


An attorney who wants to retain you for a health care mediation can click on the Request button by your name on AHLA’s Roster of Mediators.  AHLA staff will be in touch to make arrangements.    

If an attorney reaches out to you directly, please contact us or ask the attorney to request assistance from staff.  Our exclusive arrangement applies to all health care mediations regardless of the source. 


If the parties select you to mediate, AHLA will send a notice of appointment with a link to this page.  Please complete the Acceptance Form in (Acceptance Form PDF or Acceptance Form Word Doc) and provide a W-9 unless AHLA has a current one on file.  You are not required to submit a Disclosure Checklist (Disclosure Checklist PDF Disclosure Checklist Word Doc) but may find it helpful.   

Send to DRS Staff

Please upload the Acceptance Form and Disclosure Checklist (if completed) to the case site.  If you need assistance, please contact us.  To protect your privacy, please email the W-9 to [email protected].    

Preparing for Mediation

Agreement to Mediate 

AHLA does not have rules for mediation (because there is no way to enforce them) but requires all participants to sign an Agreement to Mediate.  Please ensure this document is executed prior to or at the beginning of the first mediation session.   


Once you have a sense of how many hours you will spend preparing for mediation and mediating, please ask the Case Manager to collect a deposit.  Estimate conservatively.  It is far easier to return unused funds than it is to collect additional deposits after the mediation is over.  Deposits are due within 30 days and late fees apply.  

The Case Management System will notify you when AHLA has received and recorded a deposit. 

Pre-Mediation Calls 

The Case Manager can provide you with a Zoom account exclusively for use with your mediation.  A Zoom session without cameras on is functionally the same as a conference call, except easier to log into.

Location and Format

The Case Manager can reserve space for an in-person mediation.  For a virtual session, the Case Manager can provide you with either a self-operated Zoom account or a Zoom platform with a trained technician to mange the meeting logistics (e.g., admitting participants, displaying documents, and moving participants into and out of breakout rooms).   The Case Manager will let you know the projected cost for a technician-supported session based on the anticipated number of hours/days.

Final Steps 

Please let us know the outcome of the mediation and send your invoice in PDF format to [email protected]

  • Include the four-digit claim number 
  • Provide a W-9 if AHLA does not have a current one on file 

Clearly mark a final invoices as "Final" so we know it is okay to return unused funds, and please submit final invoices within 15 days after your work is completed so AHLA can refund excess funds in escrow promptly.

Receiving Payment 

The quickest way to receive payment is to sign up for direct deposit using this Direct Deposit Form.  Otherwise, you will receive a check in the mail. 

Please alert your billing department to AHLA’s 18% administrative fee so it is not expecting full payment of the amount billed.   

To track invoices, click on the Financials button the case site.  “Approved” means sufficient funds on are deposit to cover an invoice, and you should receive payment within two weeks after the approval date.  “Received” means AHLA has not yet received sufficient funds to pay an invoice.   

Sharing with Parties 

AHLA does not routinely share neutrals’ invoices with parties but provides them upon request.    

Need Help?

If you’re having trouble navigating the case management system or have questions about our services, we have resources available to help:

If these resources do not answer your question, please contact us.  

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