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AHLA provides members with diverse opportunities to engage, contribute, and grow within a professional membership organization while balancing both career and personal responsibilities. As an Association committed to life-long learning, we recognize that each member is unique. We meet you where you are, help you identify where you want to go, and assist you every step of the way. 

AHLA volunteers generally fall into one of five distinct categories: Engaged Member, AHLA Champion, AHLA Subject Matter Expert, AHLA Industry Expert, and AHLA Strategic Leader.  

  • Engaged Member – an AHLA Member who may be new to AHLA, the health law profession or both. These members volunteer to complete short tasks or projects. Examples include Focus Group Participants, Social Media Contributors, and Judging Panelists. 
  • AHLA Champion – an AHLA Member who may have limited experience as a health law professional but is interested in learning more about AHLA and sharing that value with the larger health law community. These members volunteer to fulfill small projects or serve as ad-hoc or dedicated leaders to AHLA’s leadership groups and/or Communities. Examples include Advisory Panelists, Community Ambassadors, Donors, Moderators. 
  • AHLA Subject Matter Expert – an AHLA Member with extensive experience as a health law professional (competent or in-depth knowledge). These members volunteer to develop, review, and/or present quality content. Examples include Author, Peer-Reviewer, Speaker, Practice Group leader, and Program Planning Committee leader. 
  • AHLA Industry Expert – an AHLA Member with significant professional experience as a health law professional. These members make an important impact by providing leadership in distinct areas of health law and on initiatives impactful to the Association. Examples include Chair/Co-Chair of content-generating leadership groups), Special Task Force or Workgroup Participant. 
  • AHLA Strategic Leader – an AHLA Member with in-depth or mastery level knowledge as a health law profession and extensive experience as an AHLA volunteer. These members serve in governance roles or have significant influence within policy or regulatory entities. Examples include Board of Directors Members. 

AHLA members may shift from one category to another throughout their volunteer journey with AHLA. 

Pathways to Leadership (by leadership group) – MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON 

Volunteer Opportunities at AHLA