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Fellows Program

About the Fellows Program

The Fellows Program has grown to be a collection of some of AHLA’s most talented and illustrious members. Fellows have distinguished themselves both in the practice of their health law knowledge and skills, and in their contributions to AHLA. The number of AHLA Fellows selected each year varies. Selection to be a Fellow is an honor and recognition for distinctive service to the health law profession generally and to AHLA specifically.


About the Nomination and Selection Process

An annual Call for Fellows is issued by AHLA staff, which includes information about eligibility and selection criteria.  Members who meet the criteria and have been out of AHLA leadership for at least on year can submit a summary of their AHLA and health law activities.  Members may also provide names of other potential candidates.  Those recommended by a colleague are asked to submit a summary of their AHLA and health law activities.

Having the same type of information from everyone and the use of a scoring rubric ensures that the Fellows Coordinating Council (FCC) considers lawyers and health law professional members for the designation of Fellow in a transparent and equitable manner.  Applicants are evaluated based on a general review of biographical information and demonstration of a consistently high level of service to AHLA, i.e., governance support, leadership, speaking, writing, etc. and the health law community.

Those selected demonstrate sustained membership in AHLA for 15 years or more; sustained practice in health law or in a health-related professional for 15 years or more; and professional acumen as one of the health care professionals in their community.

The FCC forwards its recommendations to the Board Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee submits a final slate to the Board of Directors who are responsible for electing as the new Fellows.