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Frequently Asked Questions - Journal

What are the special features of the electronic Journal?
The Journal has an advanced search function that allows you to search key terms and topics in the latest issue only, or in all issues dating back to 2008. The Journal also has links to outside sources cited in the footnotes. We particularly hope that you will enjoy the convenience of having desktop access whenever you need it.

Can I access previous issues of the Journal?
Yes, issues dating back to October 2008 appear under the "back issues" tab at, so you can search them via key terms.

What is the price of the Journal for non-members?
The Journal is $149 for a one-year subscription that includes the upcoming issues, as well as access to the past issues. IP access is available for our nonmember subscribers. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information on IP access.

How will the electronic version be delivered after I purchase a subscription?
Subscribers will receive access soon after their transaction is completed. After that, you will receive an email when each issue becomes available. That email will contain a link to the current issue. Please be sure to mark both and as safe addresses in your spam filter.

Where can I go for technical assistance?
If you need assistance viewing or navigating the online Journal, you can fill out a User Support Form and someone will contact you. You can also click on either the “help” tab or on the question mark at the top right corner of the Journal window at

When will my issues be delivered?
The Journal will be delivered in February, June, and October.

What happens if I don’t receive my issues/I got the delivery email but I lost it?
Check your spam folder to make sure you have [email protected] and as safe senders. You can access the Journal at any time by logging onto the AHLA website and going to the Journal landing page.

What will happen if I change my email address, or if AHLA does not have my correct email address?
It will be necessary for you to update your AHLA profile to make sure you receive every issue of the Journal.

Can I access the Journal through my iPhone, smart phone, or Kindle?
You can access the Journal with your mobile device. Log in as you would normally and click the link to the digital edition.

Can I print out the electronic version?
Yes. To print, click on the “print” button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You’ll be able to select if you want to print the left page, right page, or both. You’re also able to print all of the pages in an issue or just a range of pages

Can I download the Journal to my desktop for offline reference?
Yes, you will be able to download a .pdf version of the Journal to your desktop. To view a copy offline, click on the “download” button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You’ll be prompted to download the .pdf. Follow the instructions and you’ll be able to access offline.

I am an institutional subscriber. Is IP Access available?
IP Access is available for firm or other libraries that need to disseminate these materials to a wider audience. For further information on this option, please contact us at [email protected].

What are the requirements to become a Journal author?
Please visit our Author Guidelines page to view the author guidelines or email us at [email protected].